Chiropractic Testimonials

"My major health concerns when I first went in were my ankle pain and back pain. I had a serious accident with my ankle that required invasive surgery with tons of metal and screws put into my leg. Ever since that accident my ankle hadn't been the same. Since seeing Dr. David, I have no more pain in my ankle and I can actually walk without pain! My back is feeling way better too. I love coming here because of the friendly staff!"

- Adam Winer

"Before coming to see Dr. David my jaw muscles were always tight and my right ear felt plugged. On top of that I was having headaches all of the time. After just two sessions with Dr. David my jaw loosened up, my ear was completely clear, and my headaches significantly decreased. The friendly smiles and knowledge of the staff will bring me back for years to come!"

- Jena Gardner

"Before seeing Dr. David my neck and back have been in pain for 2 years. After seeing Dr. David everything is better! I had tried almost everything to try to get better. I went to the clinic who sent me to physical therapy, went to other chiropractors, and tried massage. Nothing was making better, until I came to Dr. Schlinsog. Now my pain is gon! I am able to turn my neck, ride my motorcycle, and I am able to keep up with my friends when we are walking. I have not been able to ride for 2 summers so I am so thankful. It feels so good! Thank you Dr. Dave."

- Pam Kumm

"Before coming to Dr. David I always had a headache. After seeing Dr. David my headaches are gone. My neck, back, and hip pain relieved and I have more energy! I love coming here because of the thorough exams, there are no surprises, affordable and easy payment package options, and a warm personality by all the staff."

- Toni Stargardt

"Before seeing Dr. David I had an earache for 5 days. I came in and I got adjusted twice and it was gone. I love coming to Marshfield Family Chiropractic because they care for their patients!"

- Donald Franz

"Before seeing Dr. David I had little to no energy to do the things I like, like making crafts. After seeing Dr. David I have more energy to make crafts and do house work! I love coming here because they are very nice people."

- Theodora Hamann

"Before seeing Dr. David I noticed I was getting a hump on my mid back. After seeing Dr. David the hump on my mid back is nearly straightened. My neck has more range of motion. My metabolism is better and my level of energy is better. I love coming here because Dr. David has treated my spine with great care and expertise! His mission is to get his patients to their best health possible."

- Carmen Reis

"Before coming to Dr. David my range of motion was very poor and I was constantly in pain. Since seeing Dr. David my pain is 100% gone and my movement is a lot better. I love it here because they are very professional and Dr. David listens to you!"

- Jeff Ott

"My main problem that I had when I first cam in was that I was always nauseous and sick. I was even throwing up most mornings and this had been happening for years. After seeing Dr. David all of my stomach issues have been cleared and I have a great appetite again! I love coming here because the staff is very friendly! They take their time to build rapport with their patients and medicine is not pushed."

- Collin Wood

"Before coming to Dr. David I felt twice my age, my back, neck, shoulders, feet and hands were aching, hurting, numb, and tingling. After seeing Dr. David everything is so much better! I can now use my hands and feet with more strength and without pins and needles in them. I love this place because Dr. David and his staff care. He does everything he can to help his patients!"

- Joelle Hilgemann

"Caring, knowledgeable, and professional! Dr. David not only is knowledgeable in chiropractic care and health but shows a true concern for the well-being of his patients. My husband and I have had routine visits since November. He was very thorough with our initial exam and answered any questions and concerns we had to make sure we understood our chiropractic issues and our treatment plan/options. Since then, we've been sleeping better, moving around with less pain, and had more energy throughout our days. It really has made a difference! On top of all that, Dr. David makes a point of getting to know us and really listening to any changes etc. we have going on. We always enjoy our visits and feel he runs his office very professionally. His assistant Kayla is always pleasant and helpful if we need to cancel or change an appointment time. I would recommend this office to everyone!"

- Ashley Fostmeier

"The care I have received from Dr. David Schlinsog has been very thorough. I have been very pleased with the treatments I have received. I also appreciate his taking the time to answer questions and give explanations and suggestions. My son has just started seeing him as well. Dr. Schlinsog and his staff are professional and provide service with a listening ear and caring smile. We are pleased to continue care with Marshfield Family Chiropractic."

- Kim Meier

"Dr. Schlinsog has been great. Being in traditional healthcare for over 40 years, seeing a chiropractor was tough. He put me at ease. Explained everything in terms that I can understand and convey to others. The pain is almost gone (geez, I had it for years). He answers my questions. I would recommend!"

- Debbie Katona

"Dr David Schlinsog gave me exactly what I hoped for today. Freedom of pain & discomfort. When I left his office, I was able to take a deep full breath without discomfort. Thank you & Happy New Year to you & your crew!!"

- Jennifer Zink

"He listened and reacted. No one treatment was ever the same, it depended on my problem that day. One thing he wasn't afraid to work on was my knee. It was out of place, and I hadn't walked on it with my full weight for about 1 yr. Walked with a bent knee. It went from a size of a cantaloupe to a normal knee in 2 treatments. He worked on my foot 3 x in 1 treatment. He explained what was the problem and fixed it. He continues to watch over anything that has been a problem and watches how I walk which tells me he is there to catch any problems even if I'm not aware of them. If one way of treating a problem isn't working, he'll try another. I now can walk like a person is supposed to. Thank you!"

- Linda Griswold

"This is the first time in 6 months to where I don't have pain in my hip. Thank you thank you thank you!"

- Deb Ponshock

"I initially came in for wellness care but after coming I realized my posture was better, my headaches went away and it is easier to stand at work! I love coming here because the staff is friendly and the environment always has good vibes."

- Abby Serwe

"David is a very great chiropractor. He pays attention to where you are hurting and thinks about what's upstream that could be causing problems in that area. He is very specific in his adjusting and targets specific joints that are subluxated."

- Madison Owens

"David exemplifies what chiropractic is all about. He is constantly looking to the root cause of a patient's problem rather than just treating the symptoms. He listens, observes and takes knowledgeable action each time you go to him for care."

- Marlee Coleman

"Dr. Schlinsog is the epitome of Chiropractic care. His extensive knowledge and experience will benefit both patients and his community. He is the only Chiropractor that I trust to care for my friends and family."

- Ryan Ross

"Dr Schlinsog is as caring as he is passionate about chiropractic and the underlying philosophy of empowering his patients through the belief that the human body is a self healing system. He's precise with his assessment to ensure he gives the patient exactly what they need that visit and his adjustments are always spot on."

- Victor Elmurr

"Dr. David is an excellent chiropractor, possesses great attention to detail, and genuinely cares for his patients. Each time Dr David works with me, he takes everything about my condition into account so as to ensure that I receive the exact treatment that I require. Not only do I feel that Dr. David wants to see me succeed in terms of preforming daily activities with no pain, I feel like he wants to see me succeed in life."

- Sam Hardy

"Dr. Schlinsog is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. He takes the time to listen, thoroughly assess, and educate his patients in a way that they are able to better understand what is going on. He has helped me with a number of problems from getting rid of low back pain and neck pain to decreasing the frequency of headaches I was experiencing. If you want someone who is going to truly listen and strive to help you get better, then Dr. Schlinsog is the chiropractor to see."

- Dakota Steed

"I had first met David about 2 years ago and we became close friends. His concern for my health began instantly, as that is what David does, he cares for those around him, and it does not matter who you are. He started examining me and my habits and behaviors. I started to explain to him my problems with digestion and menstrual cycles and my lower back bone had been hurting when I put any presser on it. He quickly was able to draw connections between the nerve imbalances in my spine to my injuries and my complaints. Once he had a clear idea of what was wrong with the nerves he began to work on my spine. All of my major imbalances were located in my lower back/spine. A year and a half later, I can confidently say that my digestive system and my menstrual cycles are much better than they would have been if David had never worked on my spine, and my lower back does not hurt nearly as bad when presser is on it. To say the least, David first examined me with a ton of problems that seemed unfixable at the time but he put in the work and dedication to get me as healthy as I can be, and now I can proudly say Chiropractic works and I am a living example!"

- Bailey Goughenour

"David is brilliant chiropractor. He is incredibly thorough and uncompromising when it comes to the care of his patients. I have heard that the test of true knowledge is the ability to explain complex topics very simply. Having also been a tutee of David's, I can personally say that he has this true knowledge of chiropractic."

- Clint Glenn

"As a chiropractor David possesses everything needed to provide optimal care for patients. From being able to connect with individuals on a personal level as well as provide quality care through chiropractic adjustments, David's ability to take the holistic approach to ensure every patient gets the help they need is something that is truly admirable. As a chiropractor one would be hard pressed to find another as hard working and dedicated to their craft as David, as it shows with the relationship he builds with his patients and trust he instils within them and everyone around him. As an aspiring chiropractor myself, David embodies a lot of the values I'd like to implement one day within my own practice, even down to utilizing the Gonstead technique, method of adjusting. I have no doubt that every person who interacts or gets treated by him will experience an unprecedented level of care and feel a sense of security knowing that they're in great hands."

- Kyle Celestine

"David, my chiropractor, treated me for a short time. He was very professional in his work and listened to my concerns and symptoms. He is very educated in his field and can explain the science behind it. This helped me understand why he was treating me the way he was and how it would help me to get better."

- Michael Hall

"Dr. David Schlinsog has always been a great chiropractor for me. He always keeps things professional and focuses specifically at areas with restrictions by using the Gonstead technique to address the real issues. On days where I was extra stiff from long hours of studying, Dr. Schlinsog could take what felt like minutes to help find and adjust me to relief the tension felt in the neck and back. I highly recommend Dr. David Schlinsog for his knowledge, professionalism, and abilities as a chiropractor."

- Doug Owens

"I have been adjusted by many people in my lifetime and some of the best adjustments I have had were done by Dr. David. He is extremely proficient with his analysis of the spine and his adjustments. He takes great passion in his work and great care of his patients. I always feel much better after seeing him!"

- Bryce Gallagher


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